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Post your old race photos!


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why are you calling that a gremlin when its obviously a pacer, the gremlin that raced was purple if i remember rite and raced by Bob Prichard I believe
My bad I mix those two up all the time. Too young. Thanks for that, honestly I knew it was pacer but for some reason remembered someone calling it a gremlin (that raced it) so I had to pick one and run with it.


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You know times have changed (or your really flukin old) when digi time stamped 2012 pics are considered "old race photos"...

I love seeing the old contingency stickers in the old pics: I still have a neon pink Sign Tech, Buggy Haus and a few Dusty times along with a stack of others...


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By chance do you have any of my Chenowth single seat 1056?
1990 thru 1998, HDRA, SNORE, LaRana, MORE and MDR, Mike Thomas told me that my chassis had the most races on it of any Chenowth he knew of, and it has lots of wins, 5 were overall in a 1650cc class 10 configuration. When I purchased what Jim from trackside had of my past exploits none were this car, only older Funcos, my Protruck and other Protrucks I drove for other owners and my TT. I still have this Chenowth in almost raceable condition. It is by far my favorite car i have ever raced. Thanks