Post your old race photos!

Desert Son

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My favorite part of this picture is the Armstrong Tire shirt. Before Robby was the Mexican deviant he has become today....... Hahahah

Evans Motorsports

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I have been going through boxes of family hand me downs and came across some old racing photos that I suspect my step brother took at some point. Not sure if they have been posted before, but I will post up what i have as I scan them. I know these were probably taken in California, suspect a Riverside race, not sure the year but I am sure one of you out there will know. Photo quality isn't great and I have to experiment as I scan each one to get acceptable results.
The Union 76 ball in the background leads me I do believe it at the Riverside International raceway. I painted wood bleachers an pulled weeds there every year in the summer. One of my friends was Les Rictor, his dad owned 50 percent of the raceway.

Josh 8

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Les was a cool dude. I met him when he managed Fontana for Roger. Wow, small world.


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where in the world did you hear this honda rumor?
In late 2018 early 2019 some documents from Honda Giken Kōgyō (japanese main branch) were discovered and shown online for a Direct Injection 2 stroke. Major companies like this subcontract out stuff all the time. Toyota's performance cylinder heads are made by yamaha, and everyone gets there turbochargers built by either IHI, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, and others. Problem is in doing so your giving information out and you have to trust that an employ won't blab about it. It's supposed to be a direct injection 2 stroke, its been in development since 2017 so we'll see it in the near future.


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Malcolm is the only American overall winner of the Atlas Rally. He won in his ORE Renault powered buggy in '87.