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Post your old race photos!

..More CORR, 2007 Pamona.
I remember how poorly protected and placed the photogs and officials were on the track. No protection, standing in marbles.

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Filming at the CORR races was some of the sketchiest times on the track for me. Like when I got this sequence of Sourapas and Renezeder. I was behind a K-rail and Carl was coming right at me. That was one of the few races I was shooting both video and photos.


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La Rana back in the day.

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Towing in Mark McMillin back in 80 something SF 250.
The 2003 Score Primm 300. Dan Mcmillin co rode with my dad in 1600. During the pre run on Friday our 4 seat 1600 car pre runner broke down. So Mark comes along and hooks up a tow strap to his old F-100 pre runner and starts towing us down the course. Before I know it we are going at race speed passing people while being towed by Mark! One of the rides of my life for sure.

harleys dad

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My last desert race, Barstow to Vegas '73. My brothers talked me into racing MX, did for about a year, (hated it!!!) and after 6 shoulder dislocations, decided to hang up the boots! View attachment 191433
my friend lost his life last Friday from amotorcycle, my brother nearly lost his life and lost his left leg from a bike, I hate bikes


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I have a bunch more.