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posting policy effective NOW


I hate to post this but here it is:

From now on we will enforce the following posting policy:

- If a new poster posts offensive to anyone on this site the post will be deleted and the person removed from the message board without warning.
- If a well established person posts anything offensive he or she will get warned once and given an opportunity to make good by deleting his or her post or posting a further explanation or apology.
- Too many offensive incidents and the person gets removed and some or all past posts may get erased.

An offensive incident is:
- If we receive a written (e-mail) complaint by another user and after investigation the post reasonably offense them.
- Accusing a person of something bad they may or may not have done.
- Calling someone names
- Posting html code or pictures in the message or signature that are considered of bad taste are annoying or cause the viewers computer to do stuff. (play music, open new windows etc.)

The system administrators will make the ultimate call on what is offensive.

What you will get away with:
- "I have a dislike for company xyz or person xyz because this is what happened to me" Don't call them a liar or anything. Stick to the facts from your viewpoint. We would like not to even see those posts, but if they are done right we will tolerate them.

Everyone needs to understand that we at race-deZert.com spend mostly our own money and time so you have a place to exchange information. We don't mind doing it. But we can not and refuse to deal with "incidents". The new message board took care of remaining anonymous for the most part and it took a lot of headache away from us. It also improved the overall quality of content. Don't ruin it for yourself and others.

Lastly, its our site. Our rules. If you don't like it post somewhere else. Complain about the rules and guess what...find another place or better yet...start your own site. race-deZert.com will support anyone starting a new site that will take all the troublemakers away from here.

If you have a problem with this you may call me at: 714.348.7584.


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It's a shame it's come to this, but if it's what this has come too you have my support 110%.



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well said, and the important thing is this-it's your site, your rules.....there are other places to go if somebody's unhappy with RDC.


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Klaus, you are the man! And you have spoken. Well said and I think most of us old timer's will agree 100% with what you posted. Now having said that, lets see just how close to the edge I can get. LOL jk

By the way, is Friday still looking good for you? PM me or give me a call when you get a chance.

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Good for you Klaus. It was only a matter of time before you had to lay the smack down...

"Just Because They Serve You... Doesn't Mean They Like You."


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Despite all the cheering and obsequious comments,
this doesn't seem necessary.
These are, after all, only words on a page.
Klaus, it makes you sound like a tyrant and it stifles
a truly open forum.

Kozack Zorro