Powder Puff Driver Orientation


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Nov 30, 2004
Glendora/Parker AZ
I thought some of the guys looking at getting into class 9 might find this interesting...

Scott Steinberger TT#7 owner/driver will be giving a Driver Orientation talk on Friday, October 9 for the Race for a Cure competitors and anyone interested in attending. The gathering will be at the Holiday Inn Express near the outlet stores in Lenwood from 7:30-8:30 during tech inspection.

Topics covered will be:

-Course markers
-Passing as the overtaking driver
-Passing as the vehicle being passed
-Driver/Co Driver responsibility
-What to do when you have an issue or break
-Radio etiquette
-Course ettiquette
-Basic race safety

Here's your chance in an informal, non pressure setting; to learn insights and the what to and not to do's from a Baja vetern. A great place to get some insight, answer those nagging questions you didn't want to ask in front of others, or maybe just learn something you hadn't thought of... MORE and Scott are stoked and look forward to seeing you there next Friday! PS You can come too even if your not racing, it's a great opportunity for both the novice and experienced driver or team member or someone looking at getting into the sport.