Powder Puff - Thanks OC Pools and more....


Sep 27, 2003
barstow ca.
Mrs. Redracer here! I was privileged enough to be able to ride in car 103 with Renae Brunning for this year's Powder Puff. It was AWESOME!! Car 103 belongs to Orange County Pools, Mike Brunning. Mike had posted a thread on here about offering a ride to someone who had been touched by breast cancer in an incredibly personal way. I responded because I lost my mom to breast cancer 9-1-08. We thought she was going to survive, in fact we started a thread about building her an offroad wheelchair. Sometime during my moms treatment the cancer had spread to her brain. We went from celebrating her survival on July 4th to mourning her just 2 short months later. This Powder Puff was supposed to be our inaugural race together. Being able to still participate in this race was very emotional for me.
I have watched my husband race but I have never been in a race myself. As soon as I got out of the car, I said to him, "I get it now". I always understood that he was very passionate about racing, but now I really, really get it. Being able to be in the car during a race, feeling all the motions of the car, smelling the dust and the exhaust, OMG, it's just indescribable!!
I would also like to specially thank Chuck of Sentry Welding in Barstow, Wayne of Ellis Fence in Barstow and my family for helping to donate to my firesuit fund.
So thank you very much Mike and Renae, I can't even try to describe how great Saturday was for me! I met so many wonderful people and I am eternally greatful.
Melanie Lindquist
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