Power wagon… would you buy it again


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Jul 28, 2018
Wife wants a 2021 power wagon or a prospector xl from aev lol. She doesn’t like that the aev uses 4.10 gears and 41 inch tires… not sure anyone will have gears for another year or so and also no lockers.

the power wagon is 4.10 gears and 33’s but we would put 37’s and wait for gears to be available.
At least it has lockers stock…

but the reports is the v8 is lacking torque when having to negotiate slow uphill stuff which surprises me with a transfer case gearing.

anyways… anyone have a powerwagon and would you get it again?

also any one know where there is a 75th anniversary one at a dealer with out a mark up? I’m in east bay cal…

she wants a bigger camping rig that can tow a side by side in the future when she said I can have one if I’m still alive lol…

but mostly for camping and going to races to help.