Prarie City Short Course July 15.... Bring it!!!!


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Reduced entry fees!!!!!!! $300 for ALL CLASSES!!!

July 15 Prarie City SVRA Short Course.
Get your cars ready no excuses!!!! Be there for a fast yet technical course with great elevation changes and great spectator viewing.
Bring your friends and family but most importantly ... bring your race cars. Take the cover off of it blow the dust off and get it ready!!!

Preregister at:

Who is in..... remember no excuses get it ready!!!
Special thanks to the owners of vorra for reducing the entry fee for this race!!!
Feel free to ask any questions you have.


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We will be there!


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Special thanks to Reno Off Road for offering contingency for this race!!
Reno Off Road is offering up contingency. Please post up or contact me if you will be racing and what class. I would be glad to get a sticker out to you.
Contact Jason at 775-553-8333 or at