Prayers For Richard Dormack


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As some of you may or may not know the Dormacks are going through hard times right now as Richard recently suffered a massive heart attack and is currently in the hospital fighting for his life. Some may know his children Matt and Madison who are active racers with their father.

The Dormacks are heavily involved in the offroad scene and if you have attended any Offroad expo I'm sure you have seen their Class 5 car littered with Pink ribbons from breast cancer donations. They have been a huge contributor for the MORE Powder Puff race every year by displaying and racing their car at Powder Puff. They are not asking for handouts and I am not posting this for people to empty their pockets but simply for prayer cause they could really use it right now. There is a gofundme that was started by a friend and I will attach the link IF you do wish to donate.



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Richard Dormack is like a 2nd father to me. He is an incredible man, extremely hard working with a never quit mentality.
I have seen him work all night after tech on competitors vehicles just to get them to the startline race morning, that's just the type of man he is, He will help anyone. He has a huge heart for everyone within the offroad community.
This is a very difficult time for his family and all those who know him.




The above pics show Richard and the whole Dormack racing Crew working on our Harvey Motorsports 1600 at the 2013 MORE Ballsout 250. We were suffering from electrical gremlins but Richard was there getting us back underway even though his car was unable to make the start of the race.

Love ya Richard. We as a community need you but most of all your wife Heather, son Matt and daughter Madison need you to pull through this difficult time!

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Richard and family are great people and its always a pleasure seeing them pull up to the start of a race. Thoughts and prayers.....


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"Yesterday we lost Richard. Due to his heart attack he lost control of his brain and sadly never was coming back. I'm at a loss for words it hurts soo bad to see this happen to such a great family. Richard donated his organs to help others. Just like he did thru life ( help others) so many people know him for how nice and helpful he was. And just a easy guy to be around. I'll miss him forever and cherish the memories we had together. My heart breaks for the Dormack family. The least we can do is keep donating to show our love and care. If you haven't done so yet please do anything helps."

Quoted form the Go Fund Me page.

Thoughts and prayers for the family as they go through their Healing. Another Great man that will be missed by many.

Go rest high on that mountain Richard.