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Prayers for Sal


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Wanted to let everyone know that Sal went into Cedars Hospital this morning for open heart surgery. While this was a planned surgery, at 77 years old it is still pretty risky. And I believe this is number 2 for him; he had one in 1996.

Sal being Sal, he did not want anyone to make a big deal of it. However, I don't think he would mind some prayers (or whatever your way of passing along well wishes) coming his way.

This is a man who spent his life making sure we had a place to play and a stage to launch from. Thank you for everything and I hope you recover soon my friend!


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He's strong, he'll be fine... Praying he recovers and runs SCORE again some day....!!!!

El Mamito USMC

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prayers to Sal..


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Cedars is the best place to be for that. God bless you Sal, I hope you have a speedy recovery.

Mark Newhan

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Get well Sal.

Sal and I share the same birthday, so naturall I think of him every time I have one...

blue dog

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Ceders is the best hospital around.


Crayola Killer
Get well soon Sal! Here's my favorite pic of Sal and I together......well, kinda....LOL.

Sal and Me.jpg