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Pre Run Ojos to San Felipe on 21st

Baja Jim

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I will be pre running from Ojos to San Felipe on Saturday 21st. Looking for another buggy to pre run with. If interested let me know.


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Planning on doing that section in a blue 1600 that day, we will keep an eye out for you. We will probably hang on Campeones aka rugged-eones channel.

Ruesch 25

Hey Jim,

I will also be running that leg Sat the 21st that morning. Then Sunday we will run San Felipe back to Ensenada.
send me an emai or call me if you want to join us! We will be arriving into Ensenada Friday afternoon late. You can call us at 602-350-2801. We will have 1 full chase truck with us and a razor to go in if we break. We prerun in a class 10 buggy on steroids (put a V8 in it) My email is justpastu@yahoo.com. We have not got rooms yet but may stay at Coronado or Coral.

Thanks Scott Rueschenberg
JPU 125

Ruesch 25

Hey Jim never heard back? We are staying at the Hotel Cortez on Friday and Las Palmas on Sat in san Felipe.
We will start at 7 am in Ojos and have 1 Chase truck and 4 guys with us. Let me know if you need anything. If not good luck.