why do most people perfer pre-running in trucks over buggies? it seems that all the big teams pre-run in trucks. These trucks are in the $200,000 price range. Does any body pre-run in high dollar Buggies? what are the advantages and disadvantages of the two?

Gabe Lara

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Alot of big teams do their pre-running in buggies... alot of them do it on bikes as well.
I think its just preference.

Kash Vessels and Bob Gordon have a pair of the nicest prerunner buggies I've seen.



Jerry Maguire
I think people tend to prerun in what they race in. Herbst/Riviera/PCI/Sourapass/Collins etc. all race TT and they prerun in Trophy Prerunners. Wilsons/Gordon/Vessels all race buggies and so they prerun in buggies etc. Some people like bikes because you can get a feel and see the course better, plus its cheaper and easier.


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The people I know who race in buggies(which I admit is fairly limited) prerun in buggies. They seem to think trucks only work well for chasing.



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Last I heard is that Jimco was so busy building cars they were not doing prerunners. But I am sure that if the money is right they would build whatever you wanted.
I use a matching Alumacraft four seater to what Kash Vessel and Bob Gordon use and it works great. If you want to get one priced out, call Alumacraft in El Cajon(PM and i will give you there number). This car works great. We have a nice truck prerunner as well, but i prefer the ca,r it much more economical. Overall is quite a bit faster, and is usually very easy to fix when it breaks. There is an alumacraft for sale for 65k on classifieds, that is a good deal considering you will have a 6-9 month waiting period at Alumacraft right now and it will end up probably costing more than 65k.


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Alot of the BIg Teams use the prerunner as a Trophy copy. The prerunners resemble the Race trucks in performance so that they know what they will be up against, plus ALOT of the parts on the prerunners are Identical to the parts on the Race trucks, so that if they break they can get there quickly and switch parts.

At the last PRIMM race Riviera broke the snout on the spindle or the upright and so came the prerunner and the just swaped the part out and the race continued for them.


Dakar Finisher

Good point on the parts swapping! That is part of our theory with our four seat Kreger pre-runner. All of the suspension parts are interchangeable with our Kreger Class 10 car. To the other point we quite often laugh to ourselves as we smoke the pre-run trucks out there. Believe me trucks can be fast but it’s awful hard on them to run as fast as we do for sustained periods of time over the rough. If you want to go "twice as fast for half the money" check out the Kreger Fab website and give them a call.

Will Higman


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"At the last PRIMM race Riviera broke the snout on the spindle or the upright and so came the prerunner and the just swaped the part out and the race continued for them."

You forgot to mention that Slick Nic Ran onto the course, Got the broken spindle. Threw it in to my truck, Jammed back to main. Went the Herbst Pit, Used the TIG (even Preheated
) And had it back to them in 20 min.
Sorry just had get my 2 seconds of RDC fame.

Very Practical use of a PR>>>>>>SLR


Kreger Fabrication will build you a pre-runner in 2 to 3 months. I was just down there and there were frames flying off the table. That Baja tour company, Wide Open Adventures, has 3 Kreger 4-seaters that have been out on every tour for the last 2 years!! Check out Kreger's website (, it's pretty cool.



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Speaking of prerunners, I've got one for sale. It will smoke any prerunner truck that has the same amount of travel. It's a street legal baja bug. Pm me for any further details.


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all I have to say is OKAY GUY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111


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I have pre-run in both trucks and buggies. The water crossings in Caliente, thank God I was in my truck. Barstow/Parker/, I prefer a buggy. Smoked many a nice built truck in a buggy. As for comfort level, sure a truck is more cozy. I would think, whatever is around to use or preference would be the best choice. As for cozy, that's about the last thing I think of when choosing a ride. I take what is the most comfortable ride. Right now it's a little ol buggy that has smoked many a 4-link, V8, A-arm trucks out there. Am I "bragging" nope, just saying the truth. I used to underestimate a buggy, not anymore.


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It was right off the highway. We where going to pit B and not Pitting for Riviera. Cruzing @ speed on the highway as Whelchel was leading (I think) He darted of the side of the track so we pulled over. Nic and myself know Whelchel; stop to see if he needed help. Said the spindle was broke, No BLM so Nic Got the spindle. When we got back, they had the PR taken apart ready for the triple pass fix.>>>>>>>SLR


at the henderson pre-run i saw a 2 seat buggy that was mostly red. I think it was an alumicraft. does anyone know what im talking about or have any pics?