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Pre-Running The Baja 1000 with Larry Roeseler

Pre-running is the best part of off-road racing, especially when you are doing it with 7x Baja 1000 winner, Larry Roeseler.

Last week we headed south from Oceanside, CA to meet up with Roeseler south of the border at Punta Colonet. After getting lost in Tijuana for a bit due to a missed turn at the Otay border crossing, we headed South towards Ensenada. Just after the border crossing the cell phones stop beeping due to the constant barrage of text messages, Facebook notifications, and e-mail. Sorry, we’re in Baja. We’ll have to get back to you Monday, I thought in my head. I love running a business but sometimes I love being in a place where there is just, “No Service.”


Pre-Running The Baja 1000 with Larry Roeseler - race-deZert.com


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Looking forward to this edition of heroes and legends. LR probably knows his way around Baja as well as anybody and is a truly humble and nice dude. It seems like I run in to him whenever I am out pre-running.