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Predictions For The Baja 500


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Anyone running a Racer Built Chassis is my prediction. Good luck everyone. Race and Chase safe..



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My prediction is BJ's excuse will be "We still got some bugs to work out of the new truck"
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1st Robby Gordon
2nd Anybody else, well, maybe Andy Mc.
3rd, Who cares.
Is RG even racing the 500? The SST series has a race the same weekend in Detroit MI at the Belle Isle Grand Prix.


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Racing in two different places on the continent didn't seem to bother him much when he raced NASCRAP Fly to Baja, pre-run, fly to track, qualify, fly back to Baja, race Baja 500, finish well or give up and fly back to track, race a roundy round only turning left the next morning.


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Friendly bump! It's nice to see all the engagement on this thread.

I'm starting to pack for the Baja 500. Can't wait to see all my heroes again.



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With so many extremely competitive drivers now it is almost impossible to predict who the winner will be. It seems like there are nearly 10 teams that are capable of winning. It all comes down to who has the best equipment and has the fewest mistakes. One flat tire more than the competition and you are out of the lead, one blown corner, one extra long pit stop and you are done. Long gone are the days of being down for 30 minutes and still get the win.

I would always put Rob Mac, Gordon, Andy M, BJ Baldwin, Menzies and Vildosola up at the front of a winners prediction list. However, there are several others that have the program in place to make a winning team. Herbst, McMillin's, and Pab are a few of those that one of these days are going to get a win at a big Baja race. I know some of these have won in the past, but not in the recent past that I can recall.
Im 0-2 on the RG 500 picks, I picked him last year as well to win. I figured he probably had the King shocks dialed in by now and might be able to pull this one off. But thats the problem with just picking one racer instead of 6+.
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