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predictions...who will win? all classes..

randy s

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will the minis do what they do again?..how bout the gordinis and pugs?..will a gringo finish in the top 10 in bikes? will kamaz continue kicking everyone's ass?...nasser, peterhansel, roma, gordon, sainz, seb, creed, devilliers, yazeed?..who will it be?.it's getting close...

Short Bus

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I'll go out on a limb and predict that we will see a winner in the bike category that hasn't won before.


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Creed wins a stage in his first ralley, Robbie wins 4.

blue dog

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De villiers will win a stage.


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bikes: my podium canididates: Price, Viladoms, Barreda Bort, Svitko / Jakeš
cars: I'd like to have de Villiers on the highest spot, but think Al Rajhi will be ahead of him, but not first. some of the Mini armada will win again, Pugs out of podium.
trucks: Nikolaev first, Loprais second, Kolomý third


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Loprais in the IVECO
PATRONELLI on the Yamaha Quad
Goncalves for the Honda win on two wheels
And what the heck I'll pick the guy from So Cal out of North Carolina in the Orange Crate

randy s

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nasser..but i don't have to like it..early problems will force rg into the roll of water carrier/parts truck driver for sheldon creed who shreds his way onto the box, grabs his trophy and hops on a jet with at least 3 world class home wrecker sleaze kitties to parts unknown....rickey brabec will win by the largest margin in dakar history and the 4 other yank riders will finish second....a kamaz will win with fearless men with unpronounceable names..and in quads, i DGAF because my amigo zac hayward isn't riding in it but i'll pick that guy who always wins it if he enters..i'm sure it'll happen exactly that way..


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I see 2016 as the year where two big streaks are broken and two remain

Cars- Mini (they have too many entries to fail) hard to predict a driver at this point
Trucks- de Rooy in the Iveco will break the Kamaz streak
Bikes- Barreda for HRC will break the KTM streak (he should've won last year until he snapped his handlebar)
Quads- Casale will keep Yamaha on top

I think Creed and Brabec have a good chance of getting an early stage win because it seems like the rookies have good luck in the early stages, especially for moto riders. The winners are (obviously) the ones who can keep pace through the whole rally. I think ASO has done a great job promoting this years rally and I can't wait for the floods of content to come in.

Suhaib Kiani

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In T1 cars I would think its a race between Nasser, Peterhansel and Yazeed for overall. RG could well be in the play if he does not breakdown early and is able to develop a confident rhythm. Nasser will be strong and steady while I have a feeling Yazeed will be looking to break into a charge. The Pugs will be fast and Peterhansel (and possibly Sainz) could potentially run away with it...

blue dog

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De Villiers gets better each year, he is a smart and consistent driver, the imperial Toyota has the bugs worked out. De Villiers is under the radar and not to be overlooked.

Hayward Racing

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and in quads, i DGAF because my amigo zac hayward isn't riding in it but i'll pick that guy who always wins it if he enters..i'm sure it'll happen exactly that way..
lol I can barely get my shiat ready for a baja 500..

Hard to bet against Nasser and even worse to bet against a Mini.. Of course I want to see Team Speed/USA go 1-2. I know RG will be better and faster but so will the other teams just hoping for some clean runs to keep in contention. For cars I'll say Nasser, Yazeed, and G1 in no particular order. Sheldon may surprise some folks with Street navigating especially if the ride holds up.

I agree with trophygoat, HRC takes it in the bike class with Barreda leading early and often.

Should be a good race in the quad class with the return of the Patronelli brothers. For podium I'm going with the Patronelli brothers and Ignacio Casele with Rafal Sonik not far behind.

For trucks I'd like to see De Rooy take it.. Pretty cool to see that thing fly through Ojos at the 2014 Baja 500


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With the large contingent of Minis this year, I predict there will be at least two minis on the podium. The third spot on the podium will be a Toyota or a Pug. I just don't think RG has all the bugs worked out of the Gordini yet, let alone the significant disadvantage (I feel) the Gordini will experience in the WRC aspects of the course this year. I predict Robby will win a few stages, and Sheldon may finish in the top three in a few of the stages, but I'm not yet convinced the Gordidni team can run a full length Dakar Rally without a few unfortunate errors and/or mechanicals. The Mini and the Toyota reliability has consistently proven to be a step above the majority of the field.

The competition this year will be more extreme than in any recent Dakars and I doubt anyone will be in cruise mode in the early stages. In fact, I bet there will be a few rabbits sent out in an attempt to force a few errors from the competition. I also think Sheldon is in for a huge learning curve, not only on the driving side of things and in the necessity to save the car for 12-days, but the entire Dakar Rally atmosphere. The Dakar atmosphere is not the fun loving off-road atmosphere we have here in the US where the drivers all get along because there is no serious money at stake. This is big time money and very serious professional motorsports with an even bigger ego and responsibilities to match. I don't mean to take away from Sheldon's talents, I just hope the atmosphere doesn't get into his head and the team can hold the reins in on him long enough he sees the final stage in a top position overall.


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Sheldon will be just fine, he doesnt get rattled much over anything, he is very sensible, humble and understands more than many give him credit for.


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Cars T1:
1- Nasser
2- Giniel
3- Sainz

1- Gibon
2- Foj
3- Miura

1- Mardeev
2- De Rooy
3- Villagra

1- Barreda
2- Walkner
3- Quintanilla

1- M. Patronelli
2- Bonetto
3- Sonik


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I expect Poulter to shine on first week, Giniel on second.
Yazeed is able to win soe stages also.
no doubt the factory teams have piece of mind of going for the win,