Premiere Motorsports Group Gets Hot and Dirty in Lake Elsinore


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Orange County, CA (July 1st, 2009)

Premiere Motorsports Group Gets Hot and Dirty in Lake Elsinore​

Lucas Oil pulled off what seemed nothing short of a miracle and what many called impossible. The grounds and facility that was previously know as the Lake Elsinore Motocross Park has been completely transformed and is well on its way to becoming a world class motorsports destination. Now officially titled, Lucas Oil Motorsports Complex, this new short course venue offers insane speeds, huge jumps, and exciting wheel-to-wheel racing competition.

Rockstar Hart and Huntington Premiere Motorsports Group hauled out truck load after truck load of high performance vehicles, race cars, supplies, gear and equipment to construct an impressive compound within the designated fan friendly Lucas Oil Motorsports Complex pit area. The temporary base of operation was prepared to supply the 50 + PMG Crew members with anything and everything for the two days of race action, one full practice day, as well as ample setup and tear down time.

The Lake Elsinore Sun gods seemed to hoard all of June’s warm temperatures and splurged a near overwhelming heat wave down on the enthusiasts and race teams that filled into the valley during the race weekend. High pressure combined with humidity made for scorching temperatures that reached 102° on Saturday and 112° on Sunday. Difficult conditions and uncomfortable heat raised the level of desperation for some, lowered the moral of others; however it was apparent that the fans and crew members enjoyed the excitement of short course racing and often found comfort in the designated Cool Zones that the Lucas Oil Off Road Series primed for the thousands of enthusiast. Well prepared vendors sold hundreds of manually operated misters, and $1 bottles of water. Smart thinking individuals brought fully stocked coolers, which were permitted and umbrellas were the hot ticket item purchased from the various merchants for personal shade.

As impressive as the PMG Pit setup was, the Rockstar Hart and Huntington Premiere Motorsports Group Hospitality Area rivaled what could be found at any NASCAR Event. Completely outfitted with a live DJ, Go-Go Dancers, an endless supply of ice cold beverages, and Chronic Tacos catering breakfast lunch and dinner, PMG offered VIPs, guests and family members a desert paradise to escape the heat and take a break between the hot racing action on the track. Custom Motorcycles and even an exotic Lamborghini, provided by J Star Motors were all on display as conversation pieces.

A standard off road short course race team will likely manage one or two race efforts under the same roof. The Rockstar Hart and Huntington Premiere Motorsports Group has organized eight programs in six different divisions with nine race vehicles and nine drivers, all under one umbrella operation.

Action Sport super star, Carey Hart is the Rockstar Hart and Huntington front man leading the team with a powerful 900 HP Unlimited 2 Ford. As Hart’s extremely pressed schedule has him darting from Tour’s & Shows across the globe to various appearances all throughout the media channels, Carey has a limited amount of seat time and practice in his new truck. However, each opportunity behind the wheel Carey shows great improvement and competitive lap times comparable to his veteran rivals.

Josh Merrelll, is just about as fresh a rookie as can be, yet shows great potential. Piloting the Rockstar Hart and Huntington #22 U-2, Josh is one of the PMG Team Proprietors and will soon be a force to be reckoned with as soon as his crew removes the Chevy LS7 and drops in the Massive Pro Power Motor.

Chris Brandt has shown the short course world that he has the skills and equipment to battle for multiple titles and is doing so by competing in both the top series of 2009. Running up front with top 5 lap times or better, Chris has already earned 4 consecutive 2nd place podium finishes and is giving Unlimited Lite’s winningest driver, Robert Naughton a run for his money at every single event. The new track at the Lucas Oil Motorsports Complex issued a big disadvantage for Brandt’s #82 Rockstar Geico Toyota and favored the top end of the Ford powered U-L’s with long straight aways and a much less technical track than the series drivers are accustomed to. Either way PMG’s Unlimited Lite Driver has committed to a very tuff schedule crossing the country back and forth, competing at every short course event and multiple times a month. It is safe to say Brandt has stepped up with a specialized program and challenging for multiple championships.

To date, Rockstar Hart and Huntington Premiere Motorsports Group’s biggest surprise weapon in the short course arsenal has been Chad Lesing, who according to most of the division’s press, is “the one to look out for”. Even though Chad is chasing 1st in the points battle, Leising’s #17 Lucas Oil/Geico Powersports SuperLite is undoubtedly the fastest driver in the class. Often his competitors will consult with Chad for assistance and tips attempting to improve their race effort. New comers, Jason Patison (NASCAR Camping World West series driver) and Jason Ellis (Professional Skateboarder and SIRIUS Radio Personality), , among other seasoned competitors have all conferred with Chad to quickly learn best way to get up to speed with these tricky spec vehicles. Chad’s recent accomplishments consist of a 200 championship, 4 podium finishes within 6 races, and two consecutive 1st place victories one of which was the race of the weekend during Rounds 5 and 6. Click here for a complete race report.

Trucks are not the only race cars in the Rockstar hart and Huntington Premiere Motorsports Group Pits. Scot Demmer, PMG Team Manager, and John Fitzgerald, both pilot buggies in the Lucas Oil Off Road Series. Scot entered his #922 Lucas Oil Unlimited Buggy for the first time this season and has delivered competitive results. You can look forward to Scot at future events as he dials in his race effort and aims for the podium in a very competitive class. Fitzgerald is a recognizable name and unlimited buggy specialist. By no means a slouch, John has exploded onto the scene and is highly skilled flying the #314 Lucas Oil Limited Buggy to multiple podiums.

The entertaining Trophy Kart division is considered the farming field for tomorrow’s generation of professional drivers. Rockstar Hart and Huntington PMG has made a considerable investment and is backing Anthony Busnardo and Brandon Vermillion in the elite Trophy Kart Modified division. These two youngsters are very motivated and carry themselves with a great attitude. Their maturity can be seen as they fight through the talented field of Trophy Kart drivers and work out the tribulations that can be experienced within any type of motorsports.

For more information on the Rockstar Hart and Huntington PMG Racings is the product of numerous individuals and support of strong companies brought together to create this offroad racing powerhouse. The brands like Rockstar Energy, Hart & Huntington, Lucas Oil, Geico Powersports, Liquid Graphics,, Simpson, Chronic Tacos, and General Tire will ensure a number of achievements & results throughout the 2009 season. Additional support from KMC Wheels, JSTAR Motors, National Concrete Cutting, Century Collusion Center, NRGX, Screen Works, Corona Millworks Racing, Blurred Motion, Bully Dog Technologies, compounds the sustainability of Premiere Motorsports Group.

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