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So being an employee in this industry and reading these forums, I often read and hear about the difference in prep cost between a buggy and truck. Usually favoring the buggy's to be cheaper to prep with a lower "cost per mile" type of deal. I don't have much knowledge of prepping and entire car or truck, so I have no idea of why this is.

I am curious to know if:
A: This is accurate, or am I just reading and hearing opinions rather than facts?
B: What are the reasons it cost more to run one over another?

You hear so much about how much money transaxles cost and service, so what is it about a buggy that makes it cheaper? Most trucks are still running automatics, aren't they supposed to be cheaper to buy and service?

Are engines for a truck so much more money than that for a buggy? I figured they would pretty much be same, right? Why would you need a different engine package for truck over a buggy?

Shock packages are pretty similar, yes they are bigger for a truck, but does it really cost more to prep/service them?

Part of this post is based off of the "Is 6100 killing Class 1" thread and people talking about cost. Personally, I believe trucks are the more popular to run because trucks are freakin awesome! The general public can relate to trucks, where as a buggy is just, well, lame to most! When was the last time you heard a name brand driver in a buggy? Would BJ get as many hits on the 'Tube making videos driving a buggy? All the big boys run trucks, people want to be like their idols, so they drive trucks to be just like the guys they want to be.

It's hard for me to believe the prep cost between a C1 buggy and Truck is that much different.

Educate me, lets see where this goes.


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Couple of costs savings would be

1. Pretty much could run the same body all year with class 1. TT you gonna be replacing some sort of body part every race.
2. Higher HP engines mean more maintenance and expense to build.
3. TT Transmission and 3rd members every race. Class 1 every couple depending on the team?
4. TT are harder on tires then class1's

Just somethings that come to my mind.

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Weight. Biggest issue. Everything on a TT is bigger and heavier. That means more wear and tear on consumables like bearings, heims, balljoints, pivots, etc... Then add in the support costs. Need a bigger hauler/trailer combo for a trophy Truck, spares are more expensive, generally more folks needed for pit support, etc...