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Prep Job

John Bitting

Which team besides the Herbst do you think Prep there cars the best, Not only internal (heims,shocks) but also external (paint,chasis, coils). As everyone knows through tech you will see beautiful cars that look like they have been prepped. I always notice the Wilsons Jimcos, Mike Stapleton does an outstanding job making those cars look brand new, The nicest in San Felipe was the Bob Shepard's Pro Truck, powder coated rear end and front control arms... BITCHIN...


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I know from helping him prep that Jim Dizneys cars have always looked new at the starting line and are very meticuosly prepped. As best as I know after helping him for just over 5 years he has never had a prep ( or lack of ) related problem. And he has like a 90% finish rate.


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Well, the Dura-Last (enduro racing) guys basically rebuild that TT before ever race, I would say they do about as much as can be done to prep before each race including esthetics.