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Prerunner Silverado ss?

Jakob Hinkle

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ive been looking around and haven't really found anything. Could a long travel kit for a regular Silverado fit on an ss? Or are they completely different trucks.
There's a reason there aren't that many GM-based prerunners.


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Super helpful insight there Curm...:rolleyes:

Jakob, just did a quick Google search and found a thread with some useful info regarding the difference in suspension between the SS's and, in this case, the Z71 Silverados. Being that it's torsion bar, a prerunner setup will most likely require shock towers to be fabricated to mount the coilovers to. Could be some bolt on kits out there to accommodate that. Z71 vs. Silverado SS?? - PerformanceTrucks.net Forums

Dirt King Fab has a good looking kit that comes with shock towers and starts at $4,495. Not sure about it being bolt on or not, assuming the stock shock tower needs to be cut out and the kit's either welded on or holes drilled in the frame to bolt it on. Also, that does not include the shocks.* Long Travel Race Kit


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That price isn't significantly different than most 18" a-arm kits and if anything is on the lower cost end, sooooo the "reason" would be nearly universal for whichever truck he went with (anything truly long travel = not cheap). Thanks for the link to the other thread, but kinda irrelevant to the opening question to this one as it was more about compatibility vs cost, and yes I see where it would go next based off the other thread. At least this guides him what kits he can shop for...

Jakob, what year Silverado SS are you working with?


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As far as I know a SS 2wd 03-06 chevy has the same suspension as a standard 2wd chevy from 99-06. The 4X4 Chevy has torsen bars and no one makes a long travel kit to my knowledge. The only real good reason I could see to start with an SS is they come standard with a 6.0 and 4L65 transmission. The body kit isnt going to match up to any current fiberglass available and the doors will have holes where the trim pieces are riveted on.


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A guy on Dezertrangers built one a while back

what affects compatibility the most with Torsion bar trucks and Coil sprung is the Lower arm. I measured mine vs my friends this week and torsion bars are 3" wider.
UCA is exactly the same

I wanted to look into possibly relocating brace underneath (or custom fab) to fit a Coil Sprung LT kit on a Torsion bar.


no the standard long travel kits that most companies (mazzulla,kibbetech,lsk) offer for 99-06 2wd silverados will NOT fit the SS silverado frame and none are 100% bolt on either. youll have to find a 4x4 kit for a 99-06 silverado for that frame. the 2wd z71, ss, and 4x4 frame are all the same. the 2wd 1500 non z71 is a much different frame in the front.


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JD Fabrication built a long travel SS Silverado a few years ago with fully functional AWD

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