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Prerunner/ spares package

I am interested in what spares you guys might carry on your RZR prerunners when your down in Mexico. I feel like I am taking some of the basics, but I am looking for any items that I might be missing. There's no substitute for experience. Here's what I am carrying on a 2015, 4 seat non turbo RZR. Extra gas tank mounted under passenger seat, two jugs of coolant, two spare tires with jack, two belts, tool kit, front and rear cv, one tie rod, two radius rods, small supply of various nuts and bolts. I don't have any electrical parts. I am looking for stuff that might typically break. Any input would be appreciated.


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I always carry at least 2 weeks of survival food/water with me in Mexico no matter what I am doing on or off road.


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Ball joints, clutch puller for primary clutch, portable air compressor, plug kit, first aid kit, extra ratchet strap, 50' tow strap, extra fuses, I would change your coolant jugs to drinking water jugs, spare fuel pump......

jon coleman

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tow strap& a longer tow strap.and a roll of 5 s10s& 20s, no mater were your having issues, sombody always shows up, in the middle of nowhere , to help out.also pack that positive atitude , goes a long way .


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You don't need two spare tires. Just one, and ride with someone who also has a rzr spare. And take a plug kit. If you get a flat, change it out and next time you go by a tire shop have them patch the inside of the tire.


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2 belts
1 tire
electrical splice kit from harbor freight and a small spool of 10 gauge wire
electrical tape- Gorilla tape-
Bolts for holding hubs to trailing arm- other MISC bolts and nuts including hub nut and cotter pins
spark plug
coil and wires
various hose clamps- Zip ties of all sizes
JB Weld Quick- Jb quick steel- Red loc tite
Quart of oil, quart of transmission fluid, quart of diff fluid, Small bottle brake fluid
Swap your extra coolant for water, It will work the same when you need it to survive or to cool your RZR
extra valve stem, good valve cap with rubber seal, Tire plug kit, Way to inflate.
Primary clutch tool, and sockets for removing clutches, hubs, etc.

For tools, learn what you need to do a basic prep and carry them. Along with vice Grips, Channel locks, Dikes, etc.
Tow strap with a small Shackle, Shovel, Flashlights, jack, Matches, Lighter, emergency blanket, and some food in case you spend a night or two.

Robin Hood

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I can't believe it hasn't been said....spare axle is a must. Inner and outer CVs are differant so I would carry a complete rear axle assembly ready to drop in.

Josh 8

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Dude. Haven’t you figured it out yet? Just by a second car. Have some dude you don’t like drive it. When your car breaks just hop in the other car and keep going and leave him standing there with a broken car.

It’s the lightest way to travel.

Seriously though. How much weight do you want to strap on the car? Or are you going to have a chase truck for the prerunner?

jon coleman

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just remember that cat' murphy, you can strap475 parts to your pre run fun , trouble is You broke part# 476.....


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Tool box with most if not all tools id need to fix my stuff.
Tie rods, UCA Ball Joint,
Jugs of ATF, Motor oil and Coolant.

Better to have and not need than to need and not have...And cash


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In the 7000 miles we have pre run In RZR s we have yet to use a drop of fluid , if a RZR is using fluid you have a major, what we carry onboard , spare rear hubs including bearings - rear axle - front axle - bolts , lots of them - links - 2 or three belts - spare tire - tools - first Aid kit - towrope - sat phone. On the truck have basically a spare full suspension kit including shocks and springs.


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I agree with not carrying fluids. The diff and trans are different, so is the engine oil. To have all your basis covered you'd have a ton of fluids on board. Any major leak on a RZR is indicative of a time bomb, so you're better off limping it in and calling it a day. I'd carry a cap to cap off brake lines before I carry brake fluid. If you carry gas, make sure it's in a solid container cause any leak will be directly over your engine/exhaust.

I'd only carry a rear axle, not a front if space is limited. I think OEM tie rods are a good way of protecting your rack and spindles, but you need to carry a spare. Radius rods should be beefed up or you're asking to blow a set of rods, trailing arm, axle, and shock. A fuel pump is also a good idea, along with some wiring supplies.

At the end of the day, it really depends on how you drive. We have nearly zero issues with our RZR, but we don't drive it like a race car.