Prerunners @ Primm?


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A few prerunners caught my eye at Primm over the weekend.

Anyone know who owns the two supercrew cab F-150s (on was black, one white?) with glass fenders and bedsides? one had a nice bumper on it as well. Cool seating for 4 in style. They just looked clean almost OEM style prerunners. Not hacked looking at all.

Also I think Kash Vessels had one of Walkers old Doge prerunners painted up in Vessels colors that was nice. It was parked at the Whiskey Petes hotel where I stayed. I didnt ask Kash if it was his, but it wasnt Scoops I dont think since he has a white Suburban.

Jason(Camburgs) early model Explorer was nice- I saw him running between mile 49 and Pit B a few times. Fab and paint were almost too nice to get dirty.

Not enough space on the digital camera for all the nice prerunners that were there.

Hope everyone had fun!