Prerunning vs. Preracing


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Dec 13, 2012
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As I sit from my office chair jealous of these youtube prerunning videos, I'm wondering when "preracing" will become the next "light bars into oncoming traffic" issue. I've seen clips of race speed prerunning, panic reving behind slower cars, and even collisions this week, some are even BIG name teams. Is this not an issue that needs to be policed by fellow racers, chasers, and spectators? I understand some sections are more open than others, and I am personally more inclined to speed it up in those areas, but it's just a matter of time before a major incident happens.

Yes, the majority of prerunners pay attention and use common sense when prerunning. No, I'm not here to start a RDC pissing match, just a Baja enthusiast who thinks an open conversation needs to be had about safety (speed) during prerunning.

Max at 0:31

Bryce at 4:22

Almost head on...