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Pressure Pro

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Hey guys this is Vince from Offroad Fueling Systems, just want to make sure that all the Pressure Pro teams watch the safety video to refresh on the proper procedures for the sake of safety and performance. Video is below.

Offroad Fueling Systems



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Safety video? It looks like a commercial to me.

Im fairly sure that the Pressure Pro doesn't require commercialism. If it was a commercial I would expect them to show how fast a truck gets fuel, show cars speeding away to victory and show them passing cars utilizing other fuel systems in the pits.

I was very intrigued to watch it as I learned several things about these systems. I appreciate the tutorial Vince! There were a couple pieces I wish were a little different but overall a good demonstration of set up and use.


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Yes, really. If this were a safety update you can delete the ~3 minute intro and start at step one and delete the back end.

File it in the "shop" section of this site. This is an advertisement.
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Crusty Shellback

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Sorry, but Mike is right, the first part sounds like a commercial. Tavo saying they cut their refueling time in half by going to the Pressure Pro and Vince stating that you have to have one to win the Baja 1000. Sounds like a commercial to me.

But the rest is good. Only feedback would be the static ground. It's not going to do any good clamping it onto the powder coated metal of the pressure Pro as shown in the video, needs to be bare metal. Same on the truck, to get a good connection.

Chris Tobin

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There is definitely a commercial inside the "instructional" video. Especially the comments from PAB, Vince and Tavo about needing it to win...


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Knowing Vince like I know him his intent was to produce a safety video to show how to use his system correctly. Actually I've had one for 7 years now and I even learned something new. He doesn't need a commercial as this product sells itself but knowing how to use it correctly is very important as with any fueling system in untrained hands can be fatal . Also Vince is at just about every race and will answer questions or help you in any way and supports our sport.


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Thanks Vince for posting this training video again. At Saturday's Baja Fool's pit meeting the fueling crews were asked to watch this to stay current just like yearly fire extinguisher training. We can never be too careful to pit safely. I wish that this remained under desert racing so more people would remember to review this yearly.