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Some stainless, out of practice it's getting better as I go. ImageUploadedByrace-deZert1374119059.605965.jpg

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Dirt Yota

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When you guys do the "loop and swoop" technique mig welding. do you pull torch so that it angled back at the puddle or push the torch? sometimes I get it to lay nice and flat and stack good, other times it builds up in the center leaves those craters in the center. trying to work on consistancy.


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Ive Got a Miller 180 Auto set. I am just a beginner, but what settings are you guys running to produce this type of look/quality? What should be the starting parameters?

All input is greatly appreciated!


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With the auto-set function you can just set it to the wire size you have and the metal thickness you are welding and then it's just a matter of getting the oscillation down. . .whether that is a whip out/whip in, zig-zag, C-whip, J-whip, etc. you can get the stack of dimes with the auto-set without a problem. I've got a Miller Autoset 211 and I can get the stack of dimes using auto-set and an oscillation.


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A little Dubai fab work!


Blitzkrieg Motorsports

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A few from around the shop. Mexi's been killin it recently



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Last pic isn't so pretty but was a challenge to tig around the inside of the steering arm on the spindle. Weld both sides of everything!

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