preunner expedition


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i'm still waitin to win the lotto, but doesn't anyone else think a prerunner expedition would be bad a$$. The suburban's been done, i don't see why an expedition can't be done. Its got the perfect wheel base, you can cram five seats in there no prob, and it would look soooooo trick. I wish one of these rich guys would get the same idea. I saw a chick in oange county drivin a decent one. It was at one of the malibu dan shows at the spectrum. Thing is pretty cool but you could do a lot better. The problem is that stock four link susp, you'd have to rip out everything to do it right. Somebodys gotta sac up here pretty soon though. I might actually have to find a real job and start savin....


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I keep waiting to hit the lotto so I could have two of them built for me but for now I will have to do with the wanting/lacking Bronco prerunner :(

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bronco prerunner? HA! More like norunner hehehe j/k man :) its late and I am bored

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bronco would definitely be second on my list. thats a much more reasonable project though