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Price for a Tundra prerunner?


Hey guys,
Always wanted a prerunner and now I have a chance to get one. I have no idea on price though. The truck is a 2010 Tundra that KBB books out a $26k approx.

Here's the list of what's been done:
Front has MCM Fab long travel kit, ADS racing shocks, 2.5 LT remote reservoir coilovers, 3.0 triple bypass, 2.0 hydraulic bump stops.
Rear has MCM fab bedcage, spring under axle conversion, 3.0 Triple bypass, 2.0 bumpstops, Daver i96 leafpack, MCM custom bumper, McNeil racing fenders F/R +bedsides painted.

It's got Method +0mm offset wheels with Cooper Discoverer STT Pro 37x12.50x17 tires with a spare wheel and tire of the same in the bed. It's been regeared with Auburn lockers F/R.

The truck is perfect and only seen the dirt twice since built and now my buddy needs cash in an emergency. He's not wanting to sell it but will to me and told me he'd let me have it for $35k.

I'm ready to pull the trigger but have no idea if it's worth it? Like I said it's s friend and I know what he has in it and how much he spent. And he has all the build sheets and parts listings for me as well.




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Photos, that would help us determine the level of fab work and skill used to build the truck.