Primm 300 Photos

John Bitting

Primm 300 photos are up now, check them out when you have some free time. Jeff took over 1400 pics and posted most of them. I myself like the prerunning shots we got on Friday. Most people saw us and waved it was pretty cool. Jeff is doing an outstanding job behind the camera and we all owe him a big thanks. If you have not met him at a race yet, I am sure you have seen him standing in the middle of nowhere, he is a good guy. Thanks for working your butt off at every race for us.. Here is a pic of dezdude and his trademark hat and dirty from standing by silt all day..



That picture doesn't do DezDude justice. He looked like he just survived an above ground A-bomb test. I've seen him in the desert quite a few times and that was by far the dirtiest I've ever seen him! Most people that look at his pictures have no idea how much work he really puts into them and I think everyone owes him a thanks and a SPRITE at the next race for his efforts. He spends all day out there and does it for the love because he sure ain't getting rich doin' it.

To quote the kidz... "mad props" to the one and only PHOTO NINJA!!!



Jeff drinks FANTA... ;-)

He has become a crutial part of the rdc crew.
Thank you Jeff.


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Thank's guy's I really apreciate it. It has definatly been fun over the years hanging out with you guy's at and aside from the races. I have met lots of great people, &amp; had manny a fun days. Looking forward no many more to come.