Primm 300 video uploads on Internet?


How many people would be interested in a near real-time upload of some Primm 300 race-action? I.e., viewing the Primm 300 on the Internet, from a website (yet to be designated). What would be the interest level, # of viewers, etc. I'm working with some people, who can make this a reality. (the technology is all there). The question is, is it economically feasible? I.e., could the business-side make this thing pay-off (not just break-even to cover costs). There are corporate sponsors (SCORE vendors), & the fan user-base. The latter is what I'm inquiring about. I wonder if a *paid* subscription business plan would work. There may be a potential conflict, since this might interfere with broadcast rights (SCORE & Shoemaker).

If Primm 300 sucks for on-site viewing (so many restrictions), then this may be a great opportunity to do some Internet near-real-time uploads. I'd be interested to hear some input. I'm all ready to go, I can pull this off. What I really need is some $$ support..the age-old sponsorship dilemma

Return on Investment
Return on Innovation

NASCAR has this all figured out. They got
a) interest (#1 spectator sport in America)
b) medium (TV)
c) invesmtnet backing (corporate sponsorship)...

A+B+C = Success.

I think off-road has a). b) & c) kinda suck. I think the higher-ups, movers-shakers need to get their act together, before this sport self-implodes into obscurity & obsolesence. Where is the organization & long-range planning, for the future? If Fireworks 250 is gone, that's a really bad sign. I mean BAD. Barstow is synonymous with SCORE off-road racing.


"Go for the Gusto, Go for the Overall"
-- Robby Gordon, SCORE off-road champion