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11 Entry's in TT compare to last years 3 is a pretty good turnout, although Class 1
is down a little....


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The reason the Class One entry is down I believe is because it isn't a Pro-Dirt race so many of the guys are waiting til the Snore race in October.



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A guy at the speed sports expo told me yesterday that he's driving Robbie's truck to Primm for the race. I don't know if Robby is driving or not, or if it belongs to someone else now. It is the black and orange one he drove around in Glamis last winter.. Pretty cool.



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I don't see the Coyne's entered, although they could be a late entry. I noticed that Jeff Geiser is running. What is he running? Do they have a new ride? We know what Jesse Jones is running. I was just curious if Geiser bought Herders car and put a production body on it ????
Geisers are racing the Donny Roberts backed Ford Trophy Truck...........

Matt Scaroni
SMD Motorsports/ Protruck 27 / Excursion 4111


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The low entry's is a case of too many races too close together . Sept. used to be score primm and snore gold coast . This year bitd moves the weekend after primm . Bitd 's last 2 races were moved on top of mdr's races . Do you see a pattern ? do Some promoters move dates to try damage entry's to other events ? Is it a good idea to support promoters that move dates on other traditional dates ? What can the racers and fans do ? How about not showing up at the race that has been moved , show the promoter that you are not going to put up with it . There are 52 weekends a year 6 are holidays that leaves 46 . Score has 6 races and bitd has 5 and mdr has 6 and snore 6 that’s 23 races and 23 weekends . There should not be any dates on top of each other . Score has there dates out a year in advance and primm has been the 2nd weekend almost every year for 5 years . Why would you think lets put on a race the weekend after the primm and it would be good for the sport ? I don't think Casey and sal get along but imitation is the highest form of flattery . Bitd wanted a 1000 mile race like baja 1000 , Casey did it but less than 70 cars showed . Bitd wanted to race in Mexico like the score baja races so Casey moves the race the weekend after primm. Bitd wanted to have a big name race so Casey went in the back door at Parker and pulled the race out from under whiplash . I was a past competitor of the bitd's 1st Vegas to Reno . I was there when Casey said he will only put on the Vegas to Reno race because there are to many small races and he wanted 1 big one . Then I was there when he said he was going to put on 3 races a year" any more that and you can't do it right " . Now it looks like he wants it all . Bitd isn't the only promoter doing this date move thing but they are the worst offender . Next time you decide to go race or just spectate a race take a look and see did they move this date and screw up another race?



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I've gotta agree with vman, hopefully the racer's coalitions will have some impact on some promoter's schedules. They can represent a significant financial impact to the promoter if they all decide to stay at home. I'm not suggesting a strike, but more of a means to start a dialog with those who schedule so recklessly. I'd rather see three or four really amazing races a season than eleven or twelve so-so races.

Gotta go amigos, the boss is wondering why I'm not getting any work done.

My own taste for the hops is very powerful, and I had no intention of spending a beerless weekend...


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Here is an updated entry list from SCORE today.

August 21, 2002 - 07:53:51
12 Brian Collins
*1 Dan Smith
9 Darren Skilton
19 Ed Herbst
4 Gus Vildosola
62 Jeff Geiser
76 Jesse Jones
3 Mark Post
44 Rich Hoffman
7 Scott Steinberger
33 Todd Gatrell

255 Alan Pflueger
220 Chet Huffman
299 Steve Barlow
296 Steve Olliges

101 John Gaughan
102 Ron Brant
*100 Troy Herbst
104 Mike Julson
105 John Marking
106 Dan Myers
107 Chuck Hovey
108 Albert McMullen
109 Lobsam Yee
110 Andrew Myers
111 Pat Dean
112 Dale Ebberts
113 Richard Boyle
114 Michael James
115 Kory Scheeler

CL. 1/2-1600
1601 Steve Roberts
1602 Bobby Altamirano
1603 Kenneth Browne
1604 Jake Maness
1605 Gustavo Vildosola, Jr.

1647 Kash Vessels-3rd RS
1648 Brian Jeffrey-2nd RS
1649 Brian Ickler-1st RS

301 Donald Moss

501 Larry McCallum
*500 George Seeley, Jr.

CLASS 5-1600
551 Ruben Gutierrez M.
552 Rob Taylor
553 Jason Lakin
550 Allan Gregory

701 Hector Salazar
702 Michael Becker
703 Shawn Wanzek
704 Rick Taylor
705 Jason Jernigan
*700 Craig Turner

721 Bruce Landfield
*720 Doug Siewert
723 Eric Hardin
724 Jason Hutter
725 Eduardo Gonzalez

801 Dave Raimonde
802 Beny Canela
803 Nick Vanderwey
804 Joe Patelli

901 Tony Modica

948 Ken Tapert-2nd RS
949 Eric Fisher R.-1st RS

761 Robert Land

*860 John Griffin

1401 Arthur Basile

1001 Rudy Cortez
1002 Steve Myers
1003 Jim Anderson
1004 Steve Melton
1005 Ray Croll
1006 Jason Hunter
1007 Justin LaCore
1008 Steve Croll
1009 Ron Dalke
1010 Jerry Higman
1011 Mike Williams
1012 Ron Brookshire
1013 Dave Sundquist
1014 Rick Ellison
1015 Dennis Hunter
1016 Harley Letner
1017 Mark Hutchins
1018 Sam Hilfiker
1019 Martin Christensen
1020 John Vance
1021 Richard Beck
1022 Whit Courtenay
1023 Chris Harrold
1024 Shane Brown
1025 Eli Yee
1026 Sean Sessa
1027 Smitty Schmidt

1201 Jerry Penhall
1202 Michael Cohen
1203 Kory Halopoff
1204 Shad Kennedy
1205 Morley Williams
1206 Arturo Honold
1207 Ken Stroud
1208 Mike Voyles
1209 Toby Gaerin
1210 Mike Halliday
1211 Brian Burgess
1212 Tom Ridings

*1100 Eric Solorzano


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Let me preface this by saying that I am the first one to hit the phone when I see conflicting dates on
schedules. For exposure purposes, our sponsors mandate the events we enter and conflicting
dates are especially hard on our crew and the rest of our resources.

That being said, her are some facts regarding this issue; some you may know, some you may do not:

1) The last thing a promoter wants to do is put races on top of, or close to, other races. For example, it was not BITD's choice to run the Nevada 1000 on the heels of the Baja 500, but land use restrictions forced the June date.

2) Sponsors also affect dates. Most companies that sponsor off-road races also sponsor other events. Since the off-road community is in greater need of sponsorship than many other communities,
the people with the money can more easily dictate date changes (assuming land use restrictions allow).
Additionally, sponsors such as hotels try to build the dates around certain of the year in order to
generate business and increase sales during historic slow times.

3) The Parker event was in danger of becoming extinct due to varying practices of the previous promoter. Sure BITD did not have to agree to do it, but what would you do?

4) BITD did not do the Nevada 1000 because they needed a 'big name' event. They already have that
with Vegas to Reno. BITD agreed to do this event primarily due to the urging of teams like mine, McMillins', and Herbsts'.

5) BITD would like to do an absolute maximum of 3 races. Once again, however, sponsors have
dictated to them and told them they would like to see more races. In fact, one of their primary sponsors
has been pushing for a 6 race series, but BITD has been repeatedly denying the request.


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I have said this before, and I will suggest it again.

If we could only get all of the promoters to get together and leave their ego's at the door to work out the schedules together with all of the factors understood, then maybe they could really make an impact that would be for the good of the sport.

If this would happen, it would be nothing but good for all of the promoters, racers, sponsors, and spectators.

I once had one promoter ask me if I had heard what another promoters schedule was going to be next year!!!!

That is ridiculous, you would think that all the promoters would be mature enough to at least have a communication line open between each other to discuss things like that. Not rely on rumors and things that other people have heard.

If anyone has any ideas on how to make this happen, please voice them!!! I am sure that I am not alone in saying that "we" as racers would do anything to get them all together and work out the schedules.

It is very difficult to tell one team that you cannot help them this race because you have a MDR race or BITD, or SCORE race the same weekend. It is for me at least................................

Any ideas????????????????????

Racing isn't's the only thing!!!


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I just got my stuff in the mail today for Primm and it looks like they are running it backwards to the direction it went last year.