PRIMM..Awards & wrapup

I had a terrific time at the was total fun. Everyone there was focused on the "let's go racin'" gig, but at the same time cognizant of world events. The American Flag was present in force. The Awards ceremony had numerous references to "..God Bless America..", as per Scott Steinberger (ProTrudk winner) & George Seeley (Class 5 winner). Dan Smith/TT, made a statement which rang true, about "..appreciating the fact we can live in America..". He also made reference to Alex Zanardi, who had an accident which left him maimed.

I've put some material for the Awards, see</A>, click on "Awards". I re-did the Race section, with more videos & stills. (click on "Race").It should give viewers a "feel" off off-road-racing action. Class 5 was a real battle, with the 2 rivals. The Herbst trucks were really flying.. At Pit A, the top cars were blasting thru there. I got some rock debris, from overall winner Troy Herbst. In the closing laps, you could tell who were still "in the hunt", for the win (for their class). They were charging hard.

The pit areas were filled with activity, & was a great place to watch the race. I completely forgot about my gas tank, & pulled into Pit B with my fuel-tank needle right on Empty. One of the pit crews ("Concrete Construction", for a 10 car), gassed me up with race-fuel! (they were nice, & only charged $2/gallon). Without it, I woulda been stuck out there (no way I coulda got back to Jean,NV for refueling).

I learned a lot about racing coverage, using the Internet. I'd like to trade ideas with other groups (</A>, et al), to improve the sport. Obviously, I can't do it myself.(2 straight days of 2hrs of sleep per night, is unacceptable) I had 3 racers who supported me, that was cool..they got good exposure. (Scott Steinberger/ProTruck, Josh Waddell/Class 1, George Seeley/Class 5). I'm glad I came out & did this thing, it got me away from the negativity on the News. It's my contribution to "moving on", from the current situation in America.

I think SCORE is the only motor race, that went on in America. NASCAR, IRL all cancelled.

"Go for the Gusto, Go for the Overall"
-- Robby Gordon, SCORE off-road champion


Call and ask Sal to help

Yes Bob, it is a ton of work. Multiply your individual effort 10x to do the same in Baja over creepingly slow sat phones.

Now, if we could just get SCORE to provide formated data files like BITD does, it would be easier for all. And, as a reult, better for the sport.

Our process is a streamlined as can be, requiring only 2 relatively simple, data files from the promoter. One at the beginning of the race, the second file periodically to update results. Hell, I'd be happy if we got the second file at the end of the race.

The folks that can push SCORE into this process are the racers. Sal listens to his direct customers.

Past all this... How did the video stuff work where folks were sending veideo from the far reaches of the course back to the start/finish?




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Boy, it's sure nice to see that Dan Smit is back in the saddle again with a TT win. Most people don't know that Dan was severely disabled just two months ago from major knee surgery. Doctors gave him a slim chance at returning to racing but he has pulled it off due to his strong dertimination and rehab. Way to go Dan!!!

Congratulations to Dan Smith & Dave Ashley!

Dave G
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I made a 1st pass at some post-race updates, see</A>, click on "start-finish".

I posted a QT video of John Herder's truggy, looked & sounded bitchin'. I was sitting next to their team, having dinner at the Buffalo Bill's buffet, the night before the race. I met a Class 10 team near the elevator, who I later met on Saturday evening (after race), also at the Buffet. I had chance to show them videos of their 2 10 cars, right at the start. I ran into some team members of a Class 1, whose car endoed early in the race, & burned to the ground. (grey car, with 3 big letters like ASK..somethin like that). Both drivers got out safely. There was fuel all over the place, which was a fire waiting to happen.

Class 5 was a battle between the 2 rivals: Mike James VS George Seeley. There was a cheer from the grandstands, as Mike came by..followed by another cheer, as George went by. I heard Mike James had some downtime, with some broken front limit-straps. I posted a video fo George, chasing slower car (See Pit B, after...section), I think it was Rob MacCachren (1-2/1600).

There's a lot more story & action to be uploaded, so stay tuned over the next few days.

"Go for the Gusto, Go for the Overall"
-- Robby Gordon, SCORE off-road champion


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The car that burned up was the silver TCS car, Shame, it was a nice car, there was nothing left
of it to salvage. Im glad i snaped a picture of it in tech the day before the race
I heard roomers that a BLM guy didn't want to "waste" his fire extinguisher on it while it burned


Krittro Campbell
I think the reason they did not try harder to put it out was becasue it was 70 gallons of gas and it was already in flames. A pretty big exinguisher (fire truck) would have been needed to put that car out. I was pittin next to them and as soon as they set up pit b, the car radio in "we're done, it's burnin to the ground".

Word is there is already a new one that is almost completed. Sorry about the loss TCS. Your pit B guys were cool. They helped setup our pit and we drank some beers.


When in doubt, GAS IT!


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I had a great time at the Primm. I finally got to meet several people in person who have become my friends over the net. It was great to see all the American Flags flying proudly at the event. It sure did seem like people were more friendly than usual, we all have come together a bit now I guess. The EJR Racing Protruck finished third dispite getting stuck costing us an hour on lap #2 and breaking a pitman arm on the final lap. The finish was good enough for us to retain our points lead. Our team was prouder than ever that our truck sports the red white and blue American flag paint scheme. I think that our refusal to let the tradgedy ruin our event was very important. God Bless America!

EJR Racing #244