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primm is on tv


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Speedvision must keep changing there web site schedule. I just checked it out and it now says the race will air Sat.27th 10-11PM and then at 2-3AM on the morning of the 28th. Then Sat. 28th at 1-2PM


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Ahh, the beauty of TiVO! Mine hasn't let me down yet. How 'bout that dual tuner (Sony SAT-60 only)!

Lookin' forward to seeing the race.


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Damn us and our old school VCR! Since we'll be programming the VCR to tape the CORR race we are going to miss the Primm race. Damn damn damn! I need someone to tape it for us, too....Oh Chris K...remember that Terrible's Town race I sent youuuuuuu?

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ooops-my bad-it's saturday, not friday. the times are right, though. gotta make sure to put in your time zone, or else it defaults to eastern.....
hey, i tried.....
primm party at somebody's house???