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Primm Mini Metal Bash


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I was just wondering if there was any new developments with the 7s shoot-out in Sept. Out here in Colorado, this is about the only way we get the info on these things. Do we still have 23 or more teams? If there is anything we can do to help, phone work, or what ever, let us know.

Jason Hutter
Fire Guys Racing
Snowmass Village, CO


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I was reading through the Dusty Times I got yesterday and there was a half page add on the 7s shoot-out. That answered most of my questions.


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Hey Jason.

Yeah, that ad has the goods. The next thing we are working on is TV. We have talked with SCORE and Fox Sports West. In addition, we are going to send out a Bio sheet for all the teams to fill out so we can have some back ground on everybody. This way we can tell some stories to the press for added exposure. This race will be killer!

The Mini Metal Bash sounds like the biggest thing to hit class 7s in a long time. If there is anything I can do to help let me know Bruce. It's going to be awesome!!! I hope the promoters are watching.
Don't forget that there is an on board camera still to be auctioned off to be used in this race. You don't get to keep the camera but just think of all the good footage you'll get. Plus it's a guarantee on race footage for the video. Bruce and Doug have put a lot of time into this and the sponsors are stepping up.

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More info can be found <A target="_blank" HREF=http://www.race-dezert.com/articles/010529.html>here</A>


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Currently Doug Siewert and myself are getting together the addresses of the teams that are going so we can send them a Dirt Pilot information packet. In it will be a pre-entry form, Dirt Pilot propaganda, a schedule of events, sponsor info, prize info, a team biography form, hotel room info, radio frequency form, SCORE info, and more. If you are going to the 7S event of all times and we do not have your mailing address email myself or Doug so we can get this out to you.


Gabe Lara

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Hey Bruce,
Your "video crew" will need some hotel info as well......And are there any issues regarding access to the course for us? No map yet for the course, I presume?

E-mail me off-list so we can chat more.

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