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Primm Results are in........


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Pretty impressive for Troy Herbst to put together an 1:10 minute lap through all the dust and had a pretty lengthy pit stop @ Pit B.....
I have some video of Troy Herbst following a slower car..in the choking dust (just before Pit B):


You can tell, his car was not at "full song". You have to wonder how the H*** can he (or anyone else) can see..*anything*, in trying to pass. (If a car was stuck in the dust, *boom* there would be a pretty bad accident..). Compare to his run @ Pit A..he was FLYIN' (no traffic, no dust):


He was going so hard, I *heard* a flood of rocks coming towards me, as he passed me...*boink* I tasted some "rock & roll".

I had a chat with Becki Freeman, who told me it was both a sprint race (Go Hard) AND you had to have a good day ("I'd rather be lucky than Good any Day"). The latter means, not being plagued with problems: flats, other downtime. Like other people mentioned, Troy had some problems (flats?), & was back in the pack a bit. Then, the overall consistency in the 4 laps, gave him the Overall Win.

"Victory Belong to the Most Persevering"
-- Napoleon

This is what gave George Seeley the win, he put together consistent laps (he mentioned at Awards, about getting spectator help in changing a tire). Mike James had some extended downtime, because of problems with front-limit straps. That was the story in Class 5. Winning & Losing comes down to who has the fewest problems. I remember a long time ago, Fireworks 250 in '88? It was Class 8: Walker Evans (Dodge), Dave Shoppe (Ford), Steve Kelly (Chevy, Nelson & Nelson)..the guy who won, had the LEAST # of flats. Back then, I believe Dave Shoppe/FORD won the season points championship without every winning a race! (strong consistent finishes, near the top).

"In order to finish First, you must first Finish"
-- well known auto-racing slogan

"Go for the Gusto, Go for the Overall"
-- Robby Gordon, SCORE off-road champion


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Pretty Impressive??? It's a lot easier to be fast when you have a helocopter flying above you calling out what's in front of you.... AND blowing dust out of your way!!! What's impressive is that they can afford to have such items as helocopters, parts everywhere in the desert, 10 or more prerunners, chasers..... Not to take anything away from the herbst, they are great drivers, but all the "other" things are what makes them so successful.


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The Herbst's are bad a$$ drivers and thats why they do well! Most people behind the wheel of their trucks would kill themselves. I was at pit B next to the Herbst support and they are all class. The helicopter was not calling out anything or at least I did ot hear anything over their radio of that sort. All I saw was some balls to the wall driving and some good suport and thats what wins races.


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As I stated they are indeed very talented. And yes, they are all class. As far as the radio transmissions that you did not hear - that is right, you will NOT ever hear what the driver and the helo spotter are talking about - that's the way it's upposed to be!!! Peace out....


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first of all i want to also say that the herbst when it comes to talent they have more than alot of people but on top of there talent the do have a tendency to cheat. You are not allowed to use a helicopter for any kind of support and that includes telling the driver were to go in the dust. Now i am not saying that they did this, all i know is that troy was making moves in the dust that people just dont do, i mean driving through bushes and rocks 50-100 feet off the course is something you dont do as a driver because of the fact that you dont know what is ahead of you.

I would also like to know how the herbst got the ok from the faa to fly their helo.