PRIMM Results


I did not attend the race as my wife is due any day with our 4th child (another boy). Fidel, our editor worked hard all day behind the camera. Initial, unconfirmed reports are that Dan Smith and Dave Ashley took the overall. Ed Herbst's truck broke and Troy was plagued with flats. Scott Steinberger took the Protruck win. We should have more results tomorrow.

I had hoped that SCORE would have continued the service they endeavored to do at the 500, i.e. results with the help of the Globalstar folks. Oh well...

We will work with BITD to provide realtime results for the Vegas to Reno. Stay tuned.

We may do results for the 1000 but, this will require extra folks to help out (with UNIX OS experience) and assistance from SCORE along the lines of what Casey's good folks do.

Past all this.. I was able to go to contingency. It was good to see the turnout and good spirit. Even Bob Yen was there.




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Ashley and Smith finshed first on the track overall, but the overall victory I believe went to Troy in the truggy. Duralast did get first in TT, with Collins 2nd and Herbst DNF. Jesse Jones won class 8, and Turner was on his way to winning class 7 when I had to leave. Herder looked really good, and I think he had a few minor problems but finally got a finish, and the new collins protruck looked really fast as well.