Primm Vessels Racing Race Report


Primm 2002 Vessels Racing Race Report

Vessels Racing had a great race this year. Usually the Primm desert haunts our team with badluck but this year the spell was finally broken. With the championship in our grasp we found it difficult to decide how hard to run this race. Take a top three or run to win. We decided to play it by ear depending on the situation at the beginning of the second lap. The day before the race there was also a lot of talk about what kind of fuel strategy to apply. The final verdict was to run light all day and try to protect the transmission as much as possible. We started the race with ten gallons and stopped both times filling it with seven more. The dust that lingered on the first lap was some of the worst I have ever seen. The first five miles or so followed right next to the powerlines. During the pre-run I knew it would be bad the morning of the race so I counted the number of power lines to the corner. During the race I followed the power lines not even looking forward on the road. When my co-driver noticed me looking up at the sky rather then forward on the road he thought I was nuts. After fighting the dust on the first lap we were first car on the road only a few miles into the second lap. We just kept a comfortable pace keeping a good cushion between the second place car. About half way through the last lap I was forced to pick up the pace by the hard charging Ickler car. We had a great race for that last sixty miles only winning by eleven seconds. With no flat tires all day once again BFGoodrich Tires didn't let us down. The whole Ickler team did a great job and ran very hard. That was some of the best racing I have ever experienced. Looking forward to the Baja 1000.

-Kash Vessels


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Great job Kash!!! What a awesome season your having. So how about next season?? Are you still planning on going to Class 1?


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congrats!! on a string of victories!!


Jerry Maguire
No I meant is the person who finished 2nd Brian Ickler from Poway who is 16?

See ya in the dirt!