Primm Winners


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Congradulations to the Julson / Lofton team on a well deserved win. 1st class 1 and 1st overall. Great job guys.


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Talk about a close one beating herbst out by 1 second. Good job guys

The higher you jump the harder you crash so crashbig


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Congratulations to Martin Christiansen for a fine sixth in class 10. Not bad for having to do some major work to the car before the race, awesome driver. Same to Chuck Hovey for the fourth in class one, which if not for political reasons would have put him in first in championship points........ The 1000 is a long trip, we'll be ready!!!!


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"which if not for political reasons would have put him in first in championship points"

Gets back to the same old thing, He who has the money makes the rules.


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Overall Winners
Mike Julson & Bob Lofton

Class 1:
1st Julson & Lofton
2nd Danny Anderson
3rd John Marking & Rob MacCachren
4th Chuck Hovey
5th Dale Ebberts
6th Dan Myers
7th Ron Brant
9th Kory Scheller

Class 1/2 1600:
2nd Brian Ickler
3rd Gustavo Vildosola Jr

Class 5:
1st Larry McCallum

Class 5/1600:
1st Jason Lakin & Todd Cunningham

Class 10:
1st Justin LaCore
2nd Charles Lathren
3rd Mark & Chris Hutchins
4th Dave Sundquist
5th Ron Brookshire
6th Martin Christensen
7th Whit Courtenay

Class 12:
2nd Vic Bruckmann
3rd Michael Cohen

John Bitting

Here is a picture of the winning 10 car. Justin LaCore he works for Barry Beachem over at Race Prep Services. It is not a Jimco although it kinda resembles one. The reason is Jason used to work at Jimco.


John Bitting

Damn did I leave that part out of my post.. Sorry, Yes I was told he built it himself.. I would also like to thank Pat Bell for the Tip. Bells Top Tips coming soon. :)


Jerry Maguire
Wow, nothing like building it yourself and then going out and winning with it! Wish I could do that! Congrats to him!

See ya in the dirt!


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So is the same car he built at Jimco while he was working there (used to be painted orange) or is this a new car he built elsewhere?


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Justin drives the same car that he built at Jimco when he worked for jimco. So it is a Jimco. The car used to be orange and blue.