Private Property rights vs. Public Access


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Hi Folks,

I came across an interesting land use article from a law journal at my own alma mater - good ole FSU. It discusses the legal issues involving the public's right of access to Florida's public beaches versus private property rights. I realize it's not specific to desert off-roading, but the issue is almost identical to a similar battle being waged in my adopted home state of Texas, where private property owners want to shut down public access and use of off-road vehicles to state rivers and adjoining shorelines. The battle is particularly galvanizing due to the fact that, unlike other states out West, the great majority of land in Texas is privately owned. The rare, puny strips of venue available for off-roading in Texas include shallow river beds, dry arroyos and adjoining shorelines of state waterways. Texans don't take too kindly to trespassing, so off-roaders are forced to squeeze into state-owned "waterways" to off-road on.

Anyway, the article is in pdf format on the webpage maintained by the Florida State University College of Law Journal of Environmental Law and Land Use: