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Nice site, anyone know what the Pro-Dirt schedule for next year looks like?

PMC Racing


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Jimmy,as far as I know its Parker,San Felipe,Terrible Town,Nevada 1000,Gold Coast 250,and Baja 1000.You can drop one race of your choosing so it's the best 5 out of 6 for the points championship. Thats for Pro-Dirt.



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The following cut-and-pasted from the www.pro-10.com website:

PRO-10 voting members cast their votes on November 16th for the following schedule. We all feel that this schedule will allow members to compete in a good variety of events while allowing for championship runs in other series.

Event Promoter Date Results
Parker 400 Whiplash/SNORE 1/26
San Felipe 250 SCORE 3/2
Baja 500 SCORE 6/1
Primm 300 SCORE 9/14
Las Vegas 200 B.I.T.D. 12/7

Looks like the B500 is on there to me.