Pro 1600 Drivers


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Attention - 1600 Racers:

Here's the status of Pro 1600 as of Sat Sept 1st.

Deposits have been received from 18 drivers and another 5 drivers confirmed their deposits will be sent by Sept 5th. This brings us to 23 racers! We're still waiting to hear from over 30 other 1600 racers. Don't get left out! Sign-up now!

Deposits have been received from these 18 drivers:
Bobby Altamirano
Mike Boyd
Rick Boyer
Kurt Brewer
Jeff Carr
Michael Duenas
Day Gang
Corey Goin
C.J. Hutchins
Brad Inch
Randy Jones
Jeff Knupp
Mike Leung
Brad Maurer
Steve Roberts
Matt Sherard
Roger Starkey
Scott Wisdom

The following 5 drivers confirmed their deposit will be sent by Sept 5th:
Derik Ahern
Don Bowler
Sammy Ehrenberg
Brian Logan
Garit Wallace


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We're up to 36 Pro 1600 entries and still growing!

Call me asap at 949-472-9398 if you want to participate in Pro 1600.