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Pro am 930 micro stub question


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Pro am has a very common 930 micro hub kit that I run on my car..After a bearing failure I'm looking at replacing the hub..Looks like a front wheel drive or 4x4 front hub 33 spline
I know one of you guys know what car this fits...To who ever answers my question I have a $20 bill for you or if you don't want to answer on a public forum PM me I'll keep it quite Thank you

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not that easy you better measure every thing before you buy a chevy bearing and i will bet you they are not the same ,long time ago they used chevy s-10 4x4 hub bearings

Chris Tobin

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Chevy 2500 4x4. Dude you should just put me on your payroll.
I don't think the one shown is from a Chevy 2500 HD or even a 1500 for that matter as the 2500 HD is 8-lug 8X6.5-inch bolt pattern and the 1500 is 6-lug (I can't remember the pattern off the top of my head) I would venture to guess that it is from something smaller with the 5-lug pattern.


The 27 spline hubs are from a 4x4 S10 that have been broached to a larger diameter with that spline count. There is no off the shelf part store part that I have found (and I have searched, extensively) that replaces it. Depending on if you are using Wide 5 adapters or not, you can take a look at the Dodge Intrepid front bearing carrier. It has 33 splines, but has the wrong flange pattern where the wheel or adapter bolts on.


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Someone has to be making these, its not Pro Am, CNC, Jamar etc.. Its got to come from an aftermarket manufacture of OEM parts. I think the only person making their own bearing hubs is RBP. He makes a Chomolly hub that is rebuildable with Timken bearings.

Awhile back I had read that the 27 spline were Chevy S10 and that the 33 spline might have been from a Dodge Durango 4x4? Or an early 2000's 4X4 Ram?


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This is a ProAm bearing setup, Made in the USA. Some bearings on the market sold as "ProAm" maybe not actually be ProAm BTW.. o_O