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Pro Buggy To >> Class 10


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What does it take to convert a Pro Buggy to a Class 10 for BITD or SCORE? Besides the obvious; lights, spares, Safety, radio, Parker Pumper, ETC. Are the chassis, skid plates and A-arms as strong on a Stadium Pro Buggy as they are on a Desert Class 10? Is the ride height and suspension travel set up the same? Would it be worth it to convert?

Zac Reish

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no would not be worth it. chassis tubing, skid plates and suspension components are too light. The bump out, and travel is too low. You'd be ruining a short course car to make an inferior desert car. Now a short course car would be super fun in glamis.


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That's kind of what I have been thinking but I had to hear it on here to confirm. Since there are a few good deals on Pro Buggy's in the classifieds I couldn't help entertain the thought of using one for Class 10.

ICR Racing 1044

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it's probably easier to list the thing you can keep. here you go
steering wheel
driver seat
seat belts
trans that needs to be regeared
window nets