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"Pro LITE" 2 seater.


So i will make a try to build a cheat version of a "pro lite" truck, with the engine in the front centered and a passanger seat and only 1 shock per corner. Away from that i try to follow the rulebook for a Prolite truck.

This is just a playing around build because i live in sweden (europe) and have a "few" miles to track and the rest of you.

I own a small company and a shop with both welding machines, mill, lathe and a fixture table coming.
For now I have spent about 8 hours to draw and measure the engine, trans and rear axle i have and put that in sketchup for a model.

This is how it looks so far.

Be kind, im a beginner :):)

Chris Tobin

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Good luck with the build. I'm looking forward to following the progress...