Pro-Nine Web Update

3 Amigos Racing

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Thanks to Jacob Wisdom for the nice web site update and the work he put in the last few months on the web site and the "Big Race"

Check it out


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If I could get the drivers/co-riders for Nate, Steve J and Giti I will also add them to the graphic on the webpage.


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Very cool!!!


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For 987 it was just Chris and Nate Himmelrick. Chris did the first 3, Nate did the last 3
the site looks good! yeah thats right, my brother Chris usually starts all the races.

oldman dirt

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You would need to add another page just to list all the entertainment personalities we had in the car.

Rick Poole and life long friend Rory ( who had never been in a race car or even to a off road race before ) started and did lap one

Mike Faulkner and John Poole did laps two and three

Giti Gowland and Mark "Tiny" Anderson did laps four and five

all three of these drivers are in their FIFTIES !

and special guest appearance on lap six by

Jimmy Hook and Mikey Childress

and we all had a blast, wished it was a 24 hour race----speaking of that-------------hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

Site looks great, and I can now get to it without a alert coming up---
Can we make it like the Pro 1600 page with a chat forum and classified, etc.???
I for one appreciate all the efforts from Mr. Bolles and Mr. Wisdom.
Lets keep this going. I am working on a event for Glen Helen.
2 moto format like Battle of Primm. How many of you would be interested in something like that ????