Pro Photo service for NORRA

Jeff Furrier

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I know its last minute, but if any of you NORRA racers are looking to professionally capture your memories or need PR pictures, Matt Kartozian(Kartman on RDC) will be at the race and is his services are available for hire.

You should be familiar with his work if you’re a desert race regular, but he also shoots the NFL, MLB, NHL, NCAA ect. His action shots are taken from well scouted spots on the course, not the spot you happen to be in when someone has time to point the camera. It seems like the last thing you want any of your crew doing is taking pictures when they should be focused on the car, so this is a way to get the shots without compromising your real goal.

I don’t have a car ready for this year, but was going to use Matt before my plans changed. Attached is his letter on the service, contact him for pricing and other info.

Good luck to all racing!


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