Pro Stadium


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Those things look way cool!
Does anyone have any more info as to
when & where they are to run?
Also, will other classes run at the same event?

John Bitting

Hopefully the webpage will have all the info soon. The guy has been working on this project for a long time to make these truck affordable and to have some serious backers.. Hopefully it will take off. I love watching short course racing and to bring it back to the stadiums would be awesome. The talk is running scaled down full size bodies on these trucks. Should look bitchin..


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Hey John,
Those trucks look pretty cool. Very simple & lite weight. Have they done any testing yet?? A couple of questions or thoughts...I noticed a good size dent in the cage tube next to the motor...and is there a front suspension stop other than the shock ( seems like a lot of strain on the threads of that lower heim ) ??? Looking forward to see them with a body. Any ballpark price yet???

Thanks, Ken

John Bitting

I have not heard anything on Price. Klaus has been talking with the guy. It raced the baja in havasau race, there are pics in the pic section of this thing getting it on and I believe on its lid. It was the first time touching dirt for that race..


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Just a thought.... This venue might be timed just right. With the Nastruck series sputtering, maybe some factory money will come back into off road. I dont think the factories will ever endorse
desert racing the way they used to. So..maybe we can get them to embrace the stadium racing once again. Hopefully, the web site is up soon..I'm anxious to see the details.

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