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Pro Unlimited Buggy


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Maybe we could get a manufacturer sponsor the class with a new about the same power output? worth a shot if the motor was under 4 grand to the racer.


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this is a unlimited class with super minimal rules. that's not likely going to change. if you want to raise car counts and have a lower cost option give vw based cars a bigger rule advantage then they have currently. there's probably 1000's of outdated nice vw based super buggies out there. as a fan of the class i would love to see something other than alumicrafts on the podium.
It's changed just too slow to keep the interest of racers.. So I'm stirring the pot again....


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Maybe we could get a manufacturer sponsor the class with a new about the same power output? worth a shot if the motor was under 4 grand to the racer.
this is the type of thinking that sparks ideas like running the ecotec. good luck finding your manufacturer sugar daddy. a $4000 engine rule...you can spend more on a lightbuggy engine. now that i think of it if you order a type 1 super buggy engine from fat performance is it any cheaper than a ecotec from redline? maybe you could put a electric motor inside a dummy vw engine. that would cost only $4000 then all you need your sugar daddy to do is buy a $3000 prius battery.


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What's with all the sugar daddy crap? I built a vw rabbit that only cost $3800 Willie -- I guess if your a guy that doesn't build what you race ? and have to buy motors then you better have a sugar daddy Willie..
Thanks for all your input Willie but your negative comments should stay to yourself.. This thread is to help build the class up .
Just asking because I don't really know. Is there a HUGE advantage to a-arm front suspension over the standard VW front suspension design? As in, the older super buggy classes? Lets say, everything else was equal, engine, trans, driver....does the a-arm car still out perform?


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The biggest thing to the growth, or even the...as you pointed out the...current shrinking car count, is...

The class used to be a stepping stone class. The UTVs are now just a better, class to use if you want to Step up to the pro ranks. Add to that, you can more easily, sell a used UTV. Parts are cheaper in the long run...especially if your running a regional tour, in a stocker...you can get parts at the local dealership...they might even make the repairs, for you. For us in the Midwest, Pro buggy parts would have to be ordered, mailed, and put on by you and yourself...around your work schedule.

If you could return ProBuggy to a stepping stone class (which might be pretty hard), the class would grow again. Add in a more street legal engine rule...your gold.

By the way...I loved that 4 wheel drive buggy...it was awesome!!!!

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I am hoping this 2.0 Rabbit will jet the job done and given the chance to run in the class this year --- stock rods -crank -Head - 30 over stock pistons -ignition- Has a custom camshaft header and intake manifold -- build it for under 4 grand -- blow the lower end and get another one from the scrap yard for $200



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Update on the 2.0 Wabbit motor --
I have emailed Ryan Stingle with MORR and Bill Smith with LOORRS and they act like this is some new package--
Its 285cc increase in the first ever water cooled motor to go in a Super Buggy over 40 years ago!! what the heck man!! the air cooled is aloud 2.0 and a 340lbs weight advantage-!
Same crap with LOORRS -- Bill Smith wont budge - acts like its some new motor--
Are these guys just not educated about this class or they just dont want to be bothered to help the class strive again?
Its like they want the class to Tank and be gone-- If they do nothing nothing will ever change and the class will die.
I could use some help here guys --!!!
Here are the emails to you need to make a change and help
[email protected] Bill Smith
[email protected] Ryan Stingle
I am going to send this post to both of them and hope for a reply --
It shouldn't be this hard for these guys to make changes to improve the class by lowering the cost for a power plant that has proven to work well at a lower cost given equal grounds to compete on.
If they are going to do nothing and send emails to the trash bin ?Then they need to find someone that will take the entrust and help---
Lets make Super Buggy Great again-!


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I agree that's why I'm not racing this year in super buggy. I can't afford an $18,000 redline ecotec. For about $1,000 I can convert my rabbit to a 2 liter and be a little more competitive. Still would not make the same power as the ecotec though. I still can't figure out how the ecotec started out as an $8,000 option and now cost almost $20,000.


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This is from the early 80s -- same VW Rabbit motor..
See these old Chenoweth Magnums are great cars -- BUT because of the short wheelbase if you put a Ecotec in this car it will handle like garbage..
But give it what it needs( VW Rabbit) like this one-- Im sure you will be seeing cars like this back in the mix again..
Now wouldn't that be cool?


dzrt performance

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the only reason motors are 12k is because of the belief DI with the expensive electronics package is the only way to win.

these are not the same motors with different electronic packages. the DI motor is higher compression ratio with different combustion chamber design.....that is where the increase in power comes from.....not an expensive electronics package.

Team Briska is proving a highly tuned port injected motor can compete with the DI motor yet at a lower cost.

seems to me just eliminate the DI motors to lower cost.


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You all can bring you high dollar DI Ecotec and this 2.0 VW will do just fine ----


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I do not see the DI motor being legal for this class? in LOORRS

PB-14 ENGINES Non Ecotec:
A. Any automotive engine with production of 5000 or more and available to the public in the United States. B. Maximum of 4 valves per cylinder.
C. Air cooled, 2000 cc maximum
D. 2 valves per cylinder, 1715 cc maximum, water cooled.
E. 3 or more valves per cylinder, 1650 cc maximum, water cooled.
F. Rotary engines are not allowed.
G. No fuel injection.
H. No variable timing or cam lift.

Ecotec: A. GM Ecotec 2.4 Liter V.V.T.LE5 engine
1. All engines must have LOORRS serial numbered seals applied only by LOORRS authorized engine builders or agents on the following parts: a. Top cam cover b. Intake manifold c. Front engine cover
2. Engine must retain all stock components, configurations and specifications unless permitted by LOORRS officials.
3. All internal components must be in place and be operational at all times (i.e. stock balancer shafts and drive).

B. Engine Oiling System
1. The use of an Acu-sump style remote oil reservoir system is allowed.
2. Oil pan is open.

C. Ignition/Fuel Injection System
1. Only a stock GM #17202005 manual cable driven throttle body is permitted. An adaptor plate no thicker than 3/8 inch is allowed for mounting. Plate must be same as existing bore size.
2. Any brand ECU may be used as long as it functions only with the stock GM trigger and pickup

dzrt performance

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You all can bring you high dollar DI Ecotec and this 2.0 VW will do just fine ----
yes DI = direct injection.

being as an old rabbit motor isnt variable cam like an ecotech...i am wondering if the ecotech would have a wider torque curve and make for a better driving motor. if you wanted to drive to Vegas i will throw your car on my chassis dyno and we can compare it to ecotech motors.