PRO10 Race Vote Complete


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Jul 7, 2001
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PRO10 had their vote on Saturday after the SNORE race.

The results are:
1. Whiplash Parker 400
2. SCORE San Felipe 250
3. SCORE Baja 500
4. SCORE Primm 300
5. B.I.T.D. Las Vegas 200

As you all can see it is heavily SCORE biased - not doubt a direct reflection on the heavy participation from current SCORE racers.

Also, the Parker / Laughlin decision was not an easy one. To accommodate the SCORE individuals as well as others that want to run a different series it was determined that for the year end championship we will allow a member to drop one race.

With the current 13 members we will offer the following payback:
Per Race
1st: $4000
2nd: $2450
3rd: $1630

For the Championship
1st: $11,000
2nd: $7,000
3rd: $5,600
4th: $4,200
5th: $2,800

We are still securing sponsorship for the year end championship so hopefully the pay back will increase!!!

To Join....
It is still not too late to join the series.

If you are interested please contact me at

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