probably pretty lame for filling out but hey


Sep 7, 2009
RDC Crypto
Mesa az
names Ricky,
I got into desert racing with my dad when we used to hangout and ride undeveloped areas back when i was younger, not so much trucks and things, but more bikes and quads.
i found this website through both dezert rangers and prerunnermaniac, pretty cool sites thumbs up.

i have a semi-stock 01 f150 with little things done to it like intake, exhaust stereo upgrades, and of course wheels and tires. although i am proud of my km2s i must say ha. but other than that im a poor 18yr old who wishes he could throw that trick dixon bros lt4x4 kit on and spit some dirt out at butcher or bulldog ha

future plans as to racing would be to finish college, engineer some sweet military/defense systems so that i can hopefully make enough to race with you guys and meet some cool people. maybe even try my hand at the 1000 if my cards play out.

finally, i pretty much bust my sack of potatoes at mesa community college where i major in engineering, while working at an elementary school making pennies being a custodian. haha

anything else would pretty much be hey ide definitely like to learn the ins and outs from you senior vets at the sport and definitely learn some methods to all the fabrication work, cage logistics, metal materials, pros-cons to different set ups, ect. so any help or insight would be sweet! ill probably post simple stuff but ill try to use search as much as possible before i do.