Problems continue for Miller Motorsports Park


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Last week a judge ordered the sale of MMP be vacated after a lawsuit was filed by a buyer who offered more money for the property.

Racers, businesses concerned about future of Miller Motorsports Park

TOOELE COUNTY, Utah - Uncertainty about the future of the Miller Motorsports Park is causing concern for racers who use the track and businesses who depend on it.

On Tuesday, a group of about 15 stakeholders met to express their frustration about last week’s court ruling vacating the sale of the property.

County commissioners are still working out details of a short-term solution to keep the park open, but racers worry the delay and unknown future will drive events away from Utah.

“I have clients right now that are calling me for my schedule,” said RaceCo general manager Rod Kujaczynski. “So these businessmen, these people who are enjoying this facility personally, can schedule those dates on their business calendar.”

Last week’s court ruling canceled the sale of the property to Chinese investment company Mitime, who’d committed to upgrading the facility. It’s a deal business owners supported. They’re frustrated Las Vegas real estate developer Andrew Cartwright challenged the decision in court.

“I firmly believe that [county commissioners] made the correct decision,” said local racing company owner Ian Lacy. “But having to rush through the process, in a time scale that might now be normal for government, maybe led to the judge’s decision.”

Commissioner Shawn Milne said the long-term plan is still to put the property back out for bid. Cartwright has already put in a $28 million bid.

But business owners say to them it’s about more than just cash money, it’s about investing in the community.

“Many of us have built our livelihood around it, and it’s more than just a track to us,” said Trackstar Racing owner Kelly Rees. “It’s where my family spent the summer. It’s where my sons learned to ride motorcycles.”

The business owners have rallied together to show support, hopefully keeping events going at the sports park. They’ve created a website,


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The problem I see is...what is Cartwright's plan?

We knew what the other guys wanted to do...upgrade the facilities and keep it a Motorsports facility.

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The problem I see is...what is Cartwright's plan?

We knew what the other guys wanted to do...upgrade the facilities and keep it a Motorsports facility.

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sounds like from the info to build 200 houses. maybe to pay for buying the facility. but I see it as the last worry. Sounds like the delay just made it worth 12 million


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On Fri it was announced Mitime would operate it as a race facility for the 2016 season while the sale is put back out to bid. It's been said it will take 6-8 months for the sale process to run its course again. Looks like Center Point wants it to build houses. Wyoming company, Nevada owner, no race experience. Mitime is serious about operating is as a race facility.

And they have a lot more money than Andrew Cartwright...


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For those who haven't heard the latest news on Miller Motorsports Park-

Tooele County hires group to keep Miller Motorsports Park open

Tooele County hires group to keep Miller Motorsports Park open
By STEVE LUHM | The Salt Lake Tribune

Tooele • The Tooele County Commission has hired Utah Motorsports Campus Inc. to operate Miller Motorsports Park in a move designed to keep the racetrack open and conduct a 2016 season while a legal battle over its sale continues.

The one-year agreement, which was announced Friday, does not bind the county to selling the 511-acre property to Mitime Investment Group, the Chinese-based parent company of Utah Motorsports Campus.

Instead, the deal allows the county to prevent the facility from sitting vacant and losing value — probably over a period of several months — while new ownership is established.

"We are taking over a facility that has been closed and, basically, stripped of assets," said Mitime Utah president Alan Wilson. "We will get it up and going … until it is sold to somebody, even though that won't necessarily be us."

According to Wilson, Mitime will once again bid on the property. He also expects Center Point Management, a Wyoming-based real estate development company, will also bid.

Last summer, Tooele County announced it would sell Miller Motorsports Park to Mitime for $20 million and the promise of substantial future investment in the property. Center Point Management had offered $22.5 million, presumably to turn the property into a real estate development.

After the initial sale, Center Point filed suit and claimed the terms of the deal violated local and state law, which prohibits the sale of county-owned land "for anything less than full and an adequate consideration."

In December, Third District Court judge Robert Adkins agreed with Center Point Management and blocked the sale.

Because of the judge's ruling, the process of selling the property will begin again and, according to Wilson, could take six or eight months. That time-frame would have ended any hope of holding a 2016 racing season.

"The county had choices," Wilson said. "They could have shuttered the facility, which I don't believe was ever an option because it would have cost tax dollars, put hundreds of people out of work and had a significant negative impact on the county."

Tooele County could have also tried operating the facility on its own, although it lacks qualified personnel and the money to do so, Wilson said.

The final option for the county was hiring — under severe time constraints — a company capable of managing the operation, Wilson said.

It is the option Tooele County picked.

Commissioner Shawn Milne said, "[We are] confident in our choice. This interim solution provides the greatest assurance of a successful 2016 season and a positive impact to our local community.

"The Tooele County Commission has been consistent since Day 1. Our greatest motivator has been the preservation of local jobs and the continuation of the facility as a world-class racing venue."

Milne called the track "a valuable economic asset for our community. It is a crown jewel for us, the state of Utah and the North American racing industry. Tooele County desires to keep Larry Miller's vision for racing in Utah alive through the continued success of the facility."

Sponsorships and the scheduling events for this coming season have already been hindered by the legal battle over Miller Motorsports Park ownership, Wilson said. But he will start work on Jan. 25 to insure a quality product can be provided.

"Nobody else put in a bid to manage the property," Wilson said, "so the county has a legal right to do this. We are specialists. We have people and the resources in place to do this job. But we made sure there is nothing [in the contract] that could damage the county or make the county obliged to sell to us. … We are minimizing the county's need to spend money. We are taking a huge risk."


LOORRS announced today they are swapping the dates of the Utah and Baja events.

Series officials announced Friday that the sites of the third and fourth events of the season have been switched, but the dates have not. The third event will be held at the Utah Motorsports Campus, formerly Miller Motorsports Park, in Tooele, Utah, Saturday and Sunday May 21st and 22nd. The fourth event will be held at the Baja International Short Course at Ensenada, Baja California, Mexico, Saturday and Sunday June 18th and 19th.