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Thats probably a bad word but I wanted to know if anybody had any comments on the MX6 shock. They are monotube shocks like the Bilsteins and reb.&comp. are adjusted in parallel. Not interested in building a race truck off them but figure they might be alot better than the Rancho 9000's.?.


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BTW, I just heard that the new RS9000x's are a lot more than the old RS9000's. You could nearly buy a B7100 (non remote) or similarly priced real damper for what they want for them. Only appearent change is now they have 7 detent points instead of 5. Ooohhwweeee !!!!!


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I’ve gotten in to this MX6 discussion on other boards! The MX6 is a mono tube deflective disc shock but the clicker is only adjusting bleed or low speed response. Having the right high speed shim stack is important also and that is not adjustable on the MX6.
You could maybe drill the top of them and put a Schrader valve in and re valve them yourself????

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Actually the RS9000X has 9 adjustable positions..... and this was done to once again have two more positions than the ProComp shock. :) --- ProComp had 7 when the RS9000 had 5... so Rancho decides to two-up them and offer a 9 click shock.

And yes, the RS9000X is expensive. If you find them under $80 bucks that's a pretty darn good deal.